free video conferencing

1. ezTalks Meetings ( Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)

As one of the best free video conferencing services, ezTalks Meetings provides the best way for video conference call. The HD video conferencing services have rich features. You can share applications, documents, images or your entire desktop during meetings. It also offers a whiteboard tool, which enables you to sketch out ideas or take notes during the meeting for everyone to see. There are many features that you can enjoy, like muting or unmuting participants, recording meetings for playback, chatting over text, controlling audio and video remotely, scheduling meetings and more. Additionally, ezTalks has launched a free 100-participant plan for all users, which allows up to 100 participants to join a meeting at the same time by using the free video conferencing services. ezTalks Meetings is now widely applied to many fields, such as video meeting, online webinar, education, training and medical. It’s quite suitable for small to medium enterprises to host online meetings with employees, customers, and collaboration partners anytime anywhere.


2. Google Hangouts (Web, Android, iOS)

As a direct competitor to Skype, Google Hangouts is a free online video chat tool launched by Google, which offers free video conferencing services in the U.S. and Canada. All you need to use Google Hangouts and all of its features is a free Gmail or Google+ account. There’s no need to install any third-party app. And Google Hangouts has a variety of features as a free application, like chatting over text, HD video, or VoIP call and hosting group video conferencing for up to 10 people within or outside of your organization. It also enables you to share screen with all video conference members, add new members, edit documents all together from Google Drive, play games and even broadcast your live video meetings to your Google+ friends.







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